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The city government of Pinecrest, Florida works very hard to keep their public parks looking good. The soccer field at Flagler Grove Park always looks amazingly green. This look comes from the city being able to maintain their grass and gardens in any way they see fit. It is a shame they don't allow their citizens to take the same proactive steps when it comes to their own lawns and gardens.

Greenstar Irrigation, a fully accredited and licensed lawn irrigation service provider, understands this dilemma. We understand that Miami-Dade County imposes water restrictions on its citizens and its business owners. You are likely familiar with these limitations and have struggled to make sure you lawn has that green, healthy look that all lawns should possess. In some cases you might have received a visit from a city official because you either forgot about the restrictions or your system isn't working properly and watered on an off day that drew the attention of neighbors and the city. No one wants a fine for watering their lawn!

Sprinkler Repairs for Old Irrigation Systems 

Many lawn irrigation systems in Miami-Dade are old and in need of repairs. Is your water bill too high? Do you constantly fight brown spots creeping into your lawn? Our 7-point Irrigation Tune-up for $49.95 can pinpoint issues in your sprinkler system and determine cost effective solutions, many times lowering your water bill and keeping your lawn greener year-round.

Need to re-route sprinkler lines around a new deck or pool? Greenstar Irrigation can run new sprinkler lines or fix old ones, whichever your need. Maybe your sprinkler heads have already been adjusted for a new pool or new flower beds, but they don't seem to be distributing water that well or there is a new object blocking the path of the water. We can assess all these issues and get your sprinkler system running smoothly and efficiently, most time in the same day once work is approved.

Miami-Dade Water Restrictions

Most residents of Pinecrest, Fl or other Miami-Dade neighborhoods are all too familiar with the year-round imposed watering restrictions set by Miami-Dade County. Watering only 2 days a week can leave a awn struggling, especially in the dead heat of summer. Maintaining a healthy lawn year-round starts well before summer, feeding your lawn with the proper nutrients, helping new growth and healthy watering can create a hearty lawn that will stay green all summer (and winter) long, even when your neighbor's lush lawns brown out one by one. Greenstar Irrigation can help keep your lawn the pride of the neighborhood year-round.

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"Peter gave our system a complete review and pointed out where we were losing water, where we had overspray, where the lines had sunk too low and were not reaching as far as they should be, etc . The repair work was professionally and neatly done, on-time, as scheduled."

"Excellent work as always!!"

"We first used Greenstar last year for a leaking pipe in our sprinkler system. We called them on a Friday mid day and they came late in the afternoon and stayed until they fix the problem.......When we needed a new sprinkler system this year, we called Greenstar to do the work. They were punctual, professional, did excellent work and were worth every penny."

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